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I’m Dr. Matthias Malzer, a lawyer and graduate of business administration.

I have worked for well-known companies in Germany and Luxembourg (Ernst & Young, HSBC Trinkaus and Anoa Capital) in the fields of tax/legal/regulatory consultancy and auditing since 2005.

Since 2017, I have redeployed the specialist experience that I gained in these companies to become an independent consultant under the label Dr.MM.

I am an authorised lawyer since 2011 with a registered office in Saarbrücken, where I act on behalf of entrepreneurs and companies in Germany and beyond. 

In Luxembourg I also provide advisory services (in the roles of general counsel, corporate secretary, independant director, FROG consultant) via my consulting company "Dr. MM S.à.r.L."

Want to find out more? Further information about me and Dr. MM S.à.r.L. can be found in the brochure entitled “About Dr. Matthias Malzer” and from the trade register extract of Dr. MM S.à.r-L-