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Are you looking for specific advice on all aspects of your company?

If so, Dr.MM – FROG-Consultancy could be the solution for you!

FROG-Consultancy stands for commercial law consultancy in the areas of corporate finance, real estate, organisation and governance. 

In the field of finance, I can help to develop alternative funding models for companies and introduce creditors to debtors. Additional services include debt management and (in Luxembourg) working as a “commissaire aux comptes”. 

In real estate, I provide advice on all aspects of managing and renting properties.

In the areas of organisation and governance, I provide advice on operational and organisational structures in particular, as well as the internal controls of a company (development and maintenance of an internal control system, catalogue of internal policies and directives for corporate governance, investigation of fraud cases etc.)

Want to find out more? Further information can be found in the brochure entitled “Dr. MM – FROG-Consultancy.